The thing about face pictures on the web, that now has spread to apps, amuses me to the max. Especially when people put demands on other's to reveal their faces, or facepic, when they themselves don't have one of their own to begin with.
I mean, even I can take a picture of someone's six-pack from Google and post it as my own and type the following line, "Hey! Wanna hookup?".
Yes, the Internet is all about being anonymous and yet you can find someone's house/apartment through maps and GPS. Where the heck is your anonymity now?

Having a facepic pretty much says it all. You have a face you are willing to upload for the world to see and know about and maybe even have nothing to hide, but let's be honest, everyone has something to hide. While on the other hand, those who haven't a picture of their face, instead of any other bodypart, clearly isn't out in the open due several reasons. One could be related to shyness while still making efforts to be public, sort of, and communicate with others and, in time, will develop a facepic. Another reason could be that, if their face is revealed, everyone will know their identity and probably along with the fact that he/she has a reputation of jumping from one bed to another across town. Depending on what kind of bodypart is showned. There are also cases that puts the above statements into one, or even severals. Have a facepic and known for being a slut for example.
There are also those who use animated picture, which in my opinion are pretty annoying, and those picture which lack any sense of what we call focus. A blurry picture for a blurry mind.

What picture you upload determines what kind of response you will get and the following comments one could expect for each picture. Face expressions and postures are No 1 stuff people look at. 

Body picture (stomach, chest, genitals, arms etc.) = What you see, is what you get. 3A (attractive(?), active and arrogant)
Less clothing = appealing, sexy, interesting, provocative.
Naked = Just plain desperate, mostly approval.
Using objects = Depending on the individual's state (clothes, less or naked). Hiding, sexy, curious, mysterious and even challenging.
Pouting lips = Young(ish) and trying to hard, pride.
Ordinary picture = True to self, average, knowing and, what I usually get, cute.

Those were a few of many and they're not written in stone. These came from my own point of view and as always, people don't see the same way as I do. Different people, different view.
There is, hopefully, more than meets the eye. So, which picture are you?

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