American Idol S11

I know I'm late in watching the show but I had forgotten about it since the last season. I haven't followed the show since season 1 - I started att season 10. Only because I heard Jennifer Lopez was going to be one of the judges, I just had to watch. Along with Steven Tyler, I think they we're the perfect judges - even though I don't know who where before them.

When the "Idols" from the previous season appeard, I hit the search button on my computer and found some good songs they had released - along with Colton Dixon. I think that Jessica Sanchez is the new, and young, Beyoncé. She's going to be big - if she keeps it up. I also think that she should have won instead of Phillip Phillips.

I watched the first episode of the new season, and, haha! Seriously? Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey? I had no idea Mariah had such "diva" attitude. Not to mention that they are now four judges. How is that going to work out? Personally, I don't think Nicki should be there - since she hasn't been in the business so long. Besides, I've heard that she uses vocal synchronizer - or something like that. The same I heard about Enrique Iglesias.

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