Nugget Among Rocks

This whole week, I walked the streets with a smile and - for a change - it felt good. Although the weekend had a few surprises in store that I didn't see coming, even though I should.

Last Monday evening, I met someone who felt nice. We decided to meet up again the day after, that's when we agreed to start dating - it was good. It was then he told me I was a nugget among rocks. The following days we met and enjoyed each others company and an invitation was accepted, to spend the weekend together. It started with kisses but ended in scars and lies.

He spoke about being honest and all, yet he could not deliever it. Today he texted me what was going on, and before I knew what to reply - I was out of his life. Just like that!

Now, I have to heal and give myself a break. Otherwise, I'll fall apart.

Ji. ©


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