Time Taking Seriousness.

Q: How long does it take before you realize you're becoming serious with someone?

A: Usually - you just don't know. It's easy for someone who is not involved to tell you that you're becoming serious, since they can read the signs on your body. Unless you know it yourself and just say it like it is.

There's this transition between single and becoming a couple, and that transition is slowly progressing as the two of you keep communicating. You don't know you're becoming serious until you finally are.

When two people are going down the spiral of love, they themselves don't usually know they're going down. They are stuck in the moment with each other on an emotional level - at least, that's the dream version anyway. The road everyone wants to go down because everything works out and it will eventually lead to your own Happily-Ever-After. The thing is, in everyone's story, there's this evil bitch called "Reality."

Short version, you don't exactly know you're becoming serious with someone because its all in the emotions. If it feels right and this special someone fits your personal ideal - then aim and shoot. Keep in mind though that it takes two to tango. You may be interested, but what about the other person? Is he/she having the same goal as you or is there a hidden agenda behind those fancy, well-cooked words?

Love is a risk and there's always a 50/50 guarantee that you'll get burned. The odds is either with you or against you, play well.

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