Chuu = Star

Beloning to "To the Big C and Back." A poem I wrote to the birthday girl.

Happy birthday young girl on your way so far,
unfortunately I do not know how to play the guitar.

I would, though, say "hi" to you at the bar,
drive you for hours in a golden car.
Your creative work reflects who you are,
the brightest star inte the jar.

There is no doubt in my mind,
a girl like you are of the sweetest kind.
Thy love is eternal and therefore blind,
a part of you that'll always shine.

Your flaw is that you're shy,
oh, wishing star don't ask "why".
Because when you take it high,
you just go, you just fly.

There's no limit, baby, there's no sky,
only sparkling grace you can't deny.
You may fall but you got to try,
for that I'll give you a high-five.

I'll be there to catch a cry, and reply,
thou are a beautiful star in my eye.

Ji. ©