Where art thou, Romeo?

For starters, scratch "Romeo" and take it from the top.

Every once in a while a random persons drop you a message, or five, in order to start a conversation. But seriously, it's not gonna be much of a conversation and everyone knows that by now. You get it either on an app in your phone, computer or maybe by actually using your mailbox. The last one would be weird though since he/she/they just used it and already know your location. It's like what we say in swedish, "jag vet vart din brevlåda bor."

Usually, on the third message, you get the unavoidable question in all its forms, where are you? Hopefully not at the samt time, that would just be annoying. He or she wants to know your secret location of privacy and, well, your bed. After three messages, or maybe even less, he/she probably wants to drop you a visit. Assumingly. Prepare for the worst? Check!

If you choose to tell them where you live then, hopefully, you've had a chance at a real conversation, not the hook-up version. If you don't, there's a chance you'll never get rid of him/her. You don't just tell them where you live, you also reaveal a weak spot in your own place of security. It's the No 1 rule to feel safe in your own home, its your own sanctuary. If you don't feel safe then you've got to do something about it. Either way, its not really comforting to keep in mind that everyone and anyone can find you. Anytime and anywhere, thanks to downside of the Internet.

"Where are you?/ Where do you live?" Does this question sounds desperate? It does to me, after a while. Tell them where you live after, what, five minutes of "conversation"? It's like kiss and tell, a question I don't view as a bedtime story. 

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The first thing we use when we walk down the streets of society. Everywhere we go, we always have a thought, or two or fifteen, about the people we interact. Becuase we like to put people in categories, apparently.

"A stereotype is a belief that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may noy accurately reflect reality. However, this is only a fundamental psychological definition of a stereotype." - Wikipedia.

We have - Sports, Nerds, Street, Goth, Rocker, Brunette, Blondes, LGBT, Religious, Outcast, Flower Power and, yeah, you name it.

All of these stereotypes that circles the globe have, or is supposed, act a certain way to interact with the rest of the world.
Blondes - shallow with no use of intelligence. 
Street - attitude problem but small on the ground. 
Gays - sprakling pink with rainbows.
Sportsmen and cheerleaders that are genetically programed for each other. Show-offs!
Religious - physcial attraction is a sin, even though humans partly rely on phycisal contact.
Couples - the people who have been together since, who knows when, and are "destined" to be together. Will have the fairytale package but in the end, they are desperate for a foundation to grow on.

Some stereotypes live on rock hard due the fact that we, as kids, are hardwired to learn these things so we know which people to sit with during lunch at school and which type to avoid on the bus on our way home from work on a thursday night.
If you want to be placed in a category, then be my guest. Because you already are and so am I, along with the rest of the planet, but it won't give you any hand in work interviews. If you tell your future boss/es that you were an all star athlet in high school, it might tell them everything about you, a bit or nothing at all whatsoever.
Is there a logical reason why we have stereotypes or is it just a disfunction in our desire to organize. Whom shall sit with whom and where. Perhaps a display of thought-to-reality progress, what you think, you say and it happens. What would happen if we didn't have stereotypes or maybe when the stereotype system falls apart. What do we do then? Probably press "reinstall".

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One of the many things we learn in kindergarden. Expand our social skills to the outside world from our family lives.

Friends. The other individuals you learn to talk to and communicate through different languages. Speech, body and emotional. They are the ones we choose to involve in our lives, whenever we are feeling down or happy. We play together and tell stories about ourselves that's outside the family circle. We bond becuase we have one crucial point incommon. Likeness.

They say that friends are the family you choose. That may sound good in theory but doesn't quiet work in practice. Family are the group of individuals that stays with you until death says otherwise. Friends, on the other hand, come and go as they please. Pretty much anyway. So how can they be the family we choose if the friendship is almost fragile and they eventually leave?

To me, friends are friends. Yes, even similar to a family but if one, or many, decides to move on. Then they are out. There's no chance nor something for them to come back to. They chose to leave and therefore, they are gone. The same rules apply to all aswell as myself. If I choose to leave someone, then I'm not coming back and that's final.

Sounds harsh but even I have to protect myself, body, mind and heart. Sort of "friends forever" attitude, until someone, or more, decides to quit.

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It is not the energy that drives the competitor nor is it the wood that feeds the fire, but passion.
The inner desire that drives the heart and releases the soul. Passion makes the winner and winner equals success.

Passion, the key word to life. To live. Doing something that makes your heart content, releasing all that is you to the world. Energized. Naked. Free. There is no such thing as rules and logic when it comes to passion. It is just that. Passion. Pure, strong and an unsatisfied drive to become. It's intimate, intense like fire and it takes your breath away. Never let your passion die out, it's a completely unnecessary action and the only one who'll lose, is you.

When you do the thing you love the most, what makes you balanced, relaxed and importantly free, you are at your peak of your potential. You can always improve but the passion stays the same. Hot, glowing and always there to burn. Combine your fiery passion with your entire being and there's no stopping you. The world, and its inhabitants, will try. Test you, but when you wants something, always have a plan B and an ever bigger desire to be better.

There will always be people out there to tell what you can't do and what you can't be. Let them have their way, because I'm sure that they themselves have their own passion in question. Doing the thing that makes you tick, you're free. When you reveal your heart in your work of art, that's passion. It's by living out our soul that we become what we've always dreamt of, becoming what we were born to do. Change the world in your own image.

You were born for this. Your gift is your passion!

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Likes me, likes me not?

Flower fortune. A seed of wonder or a petal of false hopes?

Well, for starters, you don't really know for sure. That's the uncertainty of human attraction, you simply don't know if the feelings will be returned. Everyone is different, that's the beauty, and point, of being one of a kind. So how can you really tell if someone's in to you? The first thing that comes to my mind is attention. How much attention and effort is he/she giving you and along with it, learn to separate usual behaviour from that little extra. If someone is giving you a little more, or a whole ocean, of attention than usual, there's a certain guarantee that there's something going on in his/her head, wether it be good or bad. Chances are, there's a passion in his/her heart that awaits to be released or a scheme to be put into action.

There's a reason, or two, why no one is going around and spilling their emotional bagage. Humiliation and Rejection. It's one thing to tell someone in secret that you have feelings for this person. There's entirely another when there's a bunch of people all around. Like the phrase, "two's company, three's a crowd." (A third person spoils the ideal combination of a couple).

The opposite of humiliation is pride, and everyone has it. It is due to your pride that you take emotional matterns into private spaces. To minimize the damage that could come with your intentions. Rejection. The downside of your upside.
It is a little bit easier to deal with a rejection when there's only two people knowing about it, you and that special one, until the words get out. Maybe it isn't so bad if the words got out but its not exacly healing either to hear it day after day. To do it in a crowd takes guts but also a form of suicide. A scenario would be that everyone laughs at you, but then, are they laughing at you directly or that you're being sincere?
Either way, taking a blow to the heart feels more than a physical wound and you need time to recover. The best part is that it's not forever even though the moment feels that way.

If you told someone how you felt about him/her, then you've won the first round. Congratulate yourself, there are people out there who don't dare to this kind of thing. Instead they're stuck in something else. Regret. Thinking how things would be if they made a different choice than what actually happened.

Love is a risk, take a chance and dare.
"Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game." - Another Cinderella Story.

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The Raven.

"When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality." - IMDB.

It's been a while since I last saw a good movie and this one was as such. A combination of Sherlock Holmes and Sleepy Hollow which is how I like them. Reminded me very much of Tim Burton's gothic work, unless from the fact that it wasn't Tim Burton who directed it. It has also been a long time since I read any story of Edgar Allan Poe, but I will do after this movie.
Exciting, gothic, dark-touch and mystery. Check out the trailer if you'd like to see for yourself.


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The thing about face pictures on the web, that now has spread to apps, amuses me to the max. Especially when people put demands on other's to reveal their faces, or facepic, when they themselves don't have one of their own to begin with.
I mean, even I can take a picture of someone's six-pack from Google and post it as my own and type the following line, "Hey! Wanna hookup?".
Yes, the Internet is all about being anonymous and yet you can find someone's house/apartment through maps and GPS. Where the heck is your anonymity now?

Having a facepic pretty much says it all. You have a face you are willing to upload for the world to see and know about and maybe even have nothing to hide, but let's be honest, everyone has something to hide. While on the other hand, those who haven't a picture of their face, instead of any other bodypart, clearly isn't out in the open due several reasons. One could be related to shyness while still making efforts to be public, sort of, and communicate with others and, in time, will develop a facepic. Another reason could be that, if their face is revealed, everyone will know their identity and probably along with the fact that he/she has a reputation of jumping from one bed to another across town. Depending on what kind of bodypart is showned. There are also cases that puts the above statements into one, or even severals. Have a facepic and known for being a slut for example.
There are also those who use animated picture, which in my opinion are pretty annoying, and those picture which lack any sense of what we call focus. A blurry picture for a blurry mind.

What picture you upload determines what kind of response you will get and the following comments one could expect for each picture. Face expressions and postures are No 1 stuff people look at. 

Body picture (stomach, chest, genitals, arms etc.) = What you see, is what you get. 3A (attractive(?), active and arrogant)
Less clothing = appealing, sexy, interesting, provocative.
Naked = Just plain desperate, mostly approval.
Using objects = Depending on the individual's state (clothes, less or naked). Hiding, sexy, curious, mysterious and even challenging.
Pouting lips = Young(ish) and trying to hard, pride.
Ordinary picture = True to self, average, knowing and, what I usually get, cute.

Those were a few of many and they're not written in stone. These came from my own point of view and as always, people don't see the same way as I do. Different people, different view.
There is, hopefully, more than meets the eye. So, which picture are you?

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From Scratch.

Last time I used this blogg it was filled with stuff that happened everyday in everyone's life. Which is the proper use of a blogg = Best Logic  Or Gross Gossip.
Now I've decided to do it all over again, sort of, but in english. To maintain the english vocabulary and slowly forget the swedish vocabulary. Yeah, that sounds about right.

First things first. I see my old design is still up, and I still like it, all though I thought I had erased it all. Anyway, I have to check how these things work, again.

Create a new post? - Check!
Typing? - Like a pro!
Upload image? - When I get there.
Change header? - When I get my digital mouse out of my digital butt.

Yeah, that pretty much would do the trick. Why do I start blogging again? - Still processing...

That's about enough for now, in other words, welcome!

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