You miss one tiny detail ...

... And the whole world treats you like an idiot!

What exactly makes an idiot to begin with? Is it his/her action of doing something wrong while believing its the right thing to do? Or is it the comment from someone who don't quiet understand the context of a conversation? Or a combination of both?

Is it truly possible to measure intelligence in every brain of every individual? We are all different, yes we are, for those who might have doubted it for a second. My intellectual strength is someone else's weakness and vice versa. There are also possible to be equally smart but intelligence doesn't defy if someone is an idiot. The people who are behind in development, stuck in a wheelchair, dyslexia and so on, are just as smart as anyone else. The only difference is that these people have something that prevents them from fulfilling their intellectual level to the max. They've adapted, either by choice or by force but that doens't make them stupid, only prevented.

Issues around an individual or more can cause a person to act and behave in an unusual way. Reflect the issues their surrounded by and, possibly, to the get attention. To be seen, heard and appreciated. No one is an idiot without a reason.

You make mistakes and just because of it, the odds of being called "idiot" are guaranteed. If you don't believe, then go and check out for yourself.

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