One of the many things we learn in kindergarden. Expand our social skills to the outside world from our family lives.

Friends. The other individuals you learn to talk to and communicate through different languages. Speech, body and emotional. They are the ones we choose to involve in our lives, whenever we are feeling down or happy. We play together and tell stories about ourselves that's outside the family circle. We bond becuase we have one crucial point incommon. Likeness.

They say that friends are the family you choose. That may sound good in theory but doesn't quiet work in practice. Family are the group of individuals that stays with you until death says otherwise. Friends, on the other hand, come and go as they please. Pretty much anyway. So how can they be the family we choose if the friendship is almost fragile and they eventually leave?

To me, friends are friends. Yes, even similar to a family but if one, or many, decides to move on. Then they are out. There's no chance nor something for them to come back to. They chose to leave and therefore, they are gone. The same rules apply to all aswell as myself. If I choose to leave someone, then I'm not coming back and that's final.

Sounds harsh but even I have to protect myself, body, mind and heart. Sort of "friends forever" attitude, until someone, or more, decides to quit.

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