From Scratch.

Last time I used this blogg it was filled with stuff that happened everyday in everyone's life. Which is the proper use of a blogg = Best Logic  Or Gross Gossip.
Now I've decided to do it all over again, sort of, but in english. To maintain the english vocabulary and slowly forget the swedish vocabulary. Yeah, that sounds about right.

First things first. I see my old design is still up, and I still like it, all though I thought I had erased it all. Anyway, I have to check how these things work, again.

Create a new post? - Check!
Typing? - Like a pro!
Upload image? - When I get there.
Change header? - When I get my digital mouse out of my digital butt.

Yeah, that pretty much would do the trick. Why do I start blogging again? - Still processing...

That's about enough for now, in other words, welcome!

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