It is not the energy that drives the competitor nor is it the wood that feeds the fire, but passion.
The inner desire that drives the heart and releases the soul. Passion makes the winner and winner equals success.

Passion, the key word to life. To live. Doing something that makes your heart content, releasing all that is you to the world. Energized. Naked. Free. There is no such thing as rules and logic when it comes to passion. It is just that. Passion. Pure, strong and an unsatisfied drive to become. It's intimate, intense like fire and it takes your breath away. Never let your passion die out, it's a completely unnecessary action and the only one who'll lose, is you.

When you do the thing you love the most, what makes you balanced, relaxed and importantly free, you are at your peak of your potential. You can always improve but the passion stays the same. Hot, glowing and always there to burn. Combine your fiery passion with your entire being and there's no stopping you. The world, and its inhabitants, will try. Test you, but when you wants something, always have a plan B and an ever bigger desire to be better.

There will always be people out there to tell what you can't do and what you can't be. Let them have their way, because I'm sure that they themselves have their own passion in question. Doing the thing that makes you tick, you're free. When you reveal your heart in your work of art, that's passion. It's by living out our soul that we become what we've always dreamt of, becoming what we were born to do. Change the world in your own image.

You were born for this. Your gift is your passion!

Ji. ©


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