Where art thou, Romeo?

For starters, scratch "Romeo" and take it from the top.

Every once in a while a random persons drop you a message, or five, in order to start a conversation. But seriously, it's not gonna be much of a conversation and everyone knows that by now. You get it either on an app in your phone, computer or maybe by actually using your mailbox. The last one would be weird though since he/she/they just used it and already know your location. It's like what we say in swedish, "jag vet vart din brevlåda bor."

Usually, on the third message, you get the unavoidable question in all its forms, where are you? Hopefully not at the samt time, that would just be annoying. He or she wants to know your secret location of privacy and, well, your bed. After three messages, or maybe even less, he/she probably wants to drop you a visit. Assumingly. Prepare for the worst? Check!

If you choose to tell them where you live then, hopefully, you've had a chance at a real conversation, not the hook-up version. If you don't, there's a chance you'll never get rid of him/her. You don't just tell them where you live, you also reaveal a weak spot in your own place of security. It's the No 1 rule to feel safe in your own home, its your own sanctuary. If you don't feel safe then you've got to do something about it. Either way, its not really comforting to keep in mind that everyone and anyone can find you. Anytime and anywhere, thanks to downside of the Internet.

"Where are you?/ Where do you live?" Does this question sounds desperate? It does to me, after a while. Tell them where you live after, what, five minutes of "conversation"? It's like kiss and tell, a question I don't view as a bedtime story. 

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