Freedom of Speech

After I've randomly read some bloggs and watched a few videos, I noticed one - among many - common nominators. "Yttrandefrihet i Sverige" which is "Freedom of Speech in Sweden" in english, being used all the time.
I thought that I should reflect a little bit on that subject. I'm no expert when it comes to laws and such but this is what I know and think.
Freedom of Speech is one of Swedens four constitutions. Which means that every individual is allowed to have an opinion and - most importantly - express it.
You're allowed to have an opinion - Yes. You are allowed to express it - Yes. Now, this is were everything falls apart. The matter on HOW you express it. Feel free to express what you feel and think - as long as it doesn't offend other groups of people. Such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. in the form of insults, harsh words or any form of intention to harm or specifically attack one individual - or a whole group.
Basic stuff one should know, yet there are people who uses that constitution right but in the wrong way/ circumstances. Which could possibly lead to a whole lot of damage - both physically and mentally - that one, or more, could have avoided if the opinions weren't expressed in a sloppy way.
Everyone, in Sweden, know that they have their right to speak their mind - fine, but everyone either forgets, or ignores, the part on how you express it. If you think about the words to use in order to express your opinion - there's a bigger chance that you could avoid a fist fight or another form of confrontation you'd rather forget.
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