Catching up!

It's been around three months since I last published something here. Things have gone up and down - among others, my birthday. I've been thinking a lot about what to actually write in these empty pages.
School is almost over for this semester, I will not do the final exam on my law course since I forgot to register for it.  The beauty of stupidity, so I will patiently sit and wait for the re-test to occur and have my shot then. While waiting, I'm hoping I will get a spot in the Rhethoric A-course in another city. That would be just lovely.

Christmas was nice, spent it with my cousin - alone, and nothing else was needed. We even did a youtube clip - hello humiliation! Had a sing-a-long, watched some gothic movies, exchanged gifts and then Doctor Who.
New Years Eve was spent home, until the stroke of midnight. Went out and found some friends and came home around 5 pm. Three days later, like everyone else, I caught a lovely kiss - he was called "a cold", Soar throat, some sneezing, no strenght, a troubled nose and I was pretty much out.

At the moment I'm feeling much better than last week and I'm going away on Friday. See some old friends in the big C - that will be just great.

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