To the Big C and Back.

The weekend was spent in Stockholm - the Capital C. The main topic was a secret celebration for a young girl who's coming in to her 20's. Such a sweet friend and a beautiful heart.

We surprised her with a party and gave her gifts that brought her to tears. The tears of joy are beautiful to watch, where an individual can't tell how happy she is but instead physically express it - in the form of tears.
We stayed up very late in the night until we all had to go home and get some sleep. Unfortunately, that was not the case in "my" group.

Saturday was spent in downtown for some small shopping in a japanese district. Bought some curry and two new sticks - my very first, I might add. Met some friends while waiting for others and in the evening we came together and watched two movies I've never seen before - Kill Bill 1+2.

Sunday, the day some of us went back home. Before that we said our goodbyes to some of our friends, headed to downtown, spent some time there and my cousin had a really, really short "date" - say 15-20 minutes. She had to leave and catch her train and then he left which meant I got time to spend with the birthday girl herself. Woho! - Yes, I was actually happy about it! We had fun, walking, looking in stores, talking, eating and then played a game called Dragdoll Masters - I think - which she had on her computer. It was so fun, we laughed almost to tears and for a moment, it felt like no one was there but us. Wonderful. As always, though, reality comes knocking and we had to depart to our different trains.

It may not sound much but it was great - I am emotionally pleased with this weekend. If only the year could have started with this weekend instead of and old-fashioned cold.

Ji. ©


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