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Q: Which signs are most kinky or sexually adventurous?

A: Kinkyness and sexual drive is not in the stars but in the individual. Just like when it comes to ordinary horoscope, some things fit or comes natural while others just don't.

If we - for the arguments sake - should follow the signs, I'd vote for any sign in the element of Fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) - mostly Sagittarius. Fire signs have a zest for life, they want to live. Bedroom included. Another option is Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their magnetic attraction, mind games and passion. Followed by Pisces who will do, pretty much anything, to please. I also hear that Virgo is someone you could add in the equation.

Problem is that, a person with a specific starsign can be influenced by another sign in his/her personal horoscope. I know, advanced stuff - but - I just want to point out to you that a sign has many sides. Let's say that you met a person who is an Aquarian, for example, and he turns out to be the opposite of what you had hoped for. That doesn't mean that every person born in Aquarius have the same characteristics. Every sign have various levels on the playing field, what's making the difference is the individual.

Back to the question. Even though a sign is "known" for a special taste in the bedroom, doesn't mean that every person in that sign has that specific drive. There are some with a very high and those with very low to none at all.
Remember this! At the end of the day, signs aside, people are just people. Which means a reaction will be inevitable - whether it be emotional or not - things will happen. Both on the inside and the outside.

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