Build It Up

Q: How does one make it comfortable to masturbate? (Boy asking)

A: Start with finding a position that makes you comfortable, so you can relax your body. Let your mind focus on what turns you on. Whether it be bodybuilders at the gym or someone in a perticular outfit. Once you've found what makes you interested, then its time to bring in your senses. The feeling, the smell, the touch, the taste, what you see and even a small whisper in your ear that sends shivers down your spine. Explore yourself with your hands and touch certain places that makes you aroused and in heat - so to speak. Tease yourself.

When the temperature is rising, you'll instinctively know when you won't be able to resist your sex. The drive is up and running and the pleasure is within your grasp. Explore the regions around your penis, without actually touching it. (For some, that is a tough one.)
Massage your groin, forcing the blood to flow from your legs and towards your erotic zone. Which means that you use your fingers, or your hands if you prefer, and sort of pull/ "scratch" yourself from the legs and up to the erotic zone. Don't forget to breath, usually it comes naturally, but when you're aroused the body demands more air. Which means heavier breaths that involves the whole body.
If it feels natural then make some sounds, even scream. That proves that you, and your body, are in the pleasure zone. Just because you might be one of those that says nothing doesn't mean you can't reach full pleasure. As long as you feel it - you're in.

Once you're worked up and your penis is calling your full attention - it's time to please it. Some would use lube, saliva or even a condom, all materials are usable during masturbation. After all - it's a one-man show. The penis is now in full bloom and hard = sensitive to the touch and the work that soon will be performed. Especially the head, since there are so many nerves around that area.
Find your own individual technique and enjoy the natural ride of pleasure as you'll explode like fireworks. Only to return to the scene of the crime - and do it again, and again, and again.

No one knows your body better than you, and if you don't. Then you'd better start exploring because there are some people out there who will ask "what do you like?"
People are different, so this might not work on everybody but its pretty much the basic stuff. It's all about exploring your body and your sexual drive. Enjoy, and make it last!

Ji. ©

The Poodles - Night of Passion

-[ My heart is screaming out your name ]-

Beautifully Lonely

It is said that sadness is beautiful and loneliness is tragical. Which I can agree on to a certain point where sadness is, practically based on loneliness. THAT is a tragic story.

What I don't get is when loneliness is mixed with beauty. How is it possible that there can be so many beautiful people - in this case based on appearance - and still they are single and alone. That is a thought of train that leads to a migrane in my head. What is worse is when there are beautiful people - at heart - and they are not lonely, they are completely shut out, more or less. Because they lack that one "trait" that calls for beauty in appearance, due to the possibility that they have it placed somewhere else.

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." I just hope there are people enough for everyone.

The world has proven to become more and more tougher to live in, and that is the hardest part.

Ji. ©

It's All In the Balance.

Here we go! All this nonsene/crap/word popping has gone, just about, too far once again.

Just hear me out. All this talk about black vs. white - race, did reach its limit about 10 years ago. Yes, I'm not very in with todays chit-chat when it comes to the subject BUT I assume it's just like when it first came about. Only this time it's with some new-found arguments and more anger. Ladies and gentlemen, the arena is open!

Everybody knows the fact that everyone is different, and for some, that is a blessing. While others seems to oppose that statement in some sort of a competition. It's okey to be different but when some one else comes along and is more different - in a "better" way, the competition begins, you change yourself and everything goes wrong.

I'm neutral when it comes to race and color since I see both sides point of view, even if I don't always agree on the opinions that are expressed. Todays people have only one thing in common interest, and that is to complain. And with Internet, we can spread that complain out in the open to pretty much everybody. Which causes a major uproar, on both sides - against and agree. When we have established the source of the complains, changes is what is to be expected later - or rather, right away. Although, when it does come, it is not what we had hoped for and thus causing even more complains.
Perfection is a state of mind, not physical. That's how I see it anyway. "I accept that you exist, but it doesn't mean I have to like you." Words I came up with a few years ago and follow and it applies to all.

Further more, I'd like to quote Tomb Raider "Nature is about balance. All the world comes in pairs. Yin and Yang. Right and Wrong. Men and Women. What's pleasure without pain." The point is that we need everything, even the opposites. We don't know what's up if we don't have down. The same goes with everything else.
With the increasing population, nature is pretty much out of the picture - and with it, balance. So we could say that we are one step closer to total chaos. End of the world? For real this time? Maybe.

Ji. ©

Nicki Minaj - Starships

-[ I'm on the floor, floor. I love to dance ]-

Bobby Vinton - Sealed With a Kiss

-[ I'll send you all my love in a letter ]-

Ace of Base - The Sign

-[ I saw the sign ]-

Time Taking Seriousness.

Q: How long does it take before you realize you're becoming serious with someone?

A: Usually - you just don't know. It's easy for someone who is not involved to tell you that you're becoming serious, since they can read the signs on your body. Unless you know it yourself and just say it like it is.

There's this transition between single and becoming a couple, and that transition is slowly progressing as the two of you keep communicating. You don't know you're becoming serious until you finally are.

When two people are going down the spiral of love, they themselves don't usually know they're going down. They are stuck in the moment with each other on an emotional level - at least, that's the dream version anyway. The road everyone wants to go down because everything works out and it will eventually lead to your own Happily-Ever-After. The thing is, in everyone's story, there's this evil bitch called "Reality."

Short version, you don't exactly know you're becoming serious with someone because its all in the emotions. If it feels right and this special someone fits your personal ideal - then aim and shoot. Keep in mind though that it takes two to tango. You may be interested, but what about the other person? Is he/she having the same goal as you or is there a hidden agenda behind those fancy, well-cooked words?

Love is a risk and there's always a 50/50 guarantee that you'll get burned. The odds is either with you or against you, play well.

Ji. ©

JLo - Hypnotico

-[ We're just some silly heartbreakers tonight ]-

Chuu = Star

Beloning to "To the Big C and Back." A poem I wrote to the birthday girl.

Happy birthday young girl on your way so far,
unfortunately I do not know how to play the guitar.

I would, though, say "hi" to you at the bar,
drive you for hours in a golden car.
Your creative work reflects who you are,
the brightest star inte the jar.

There is no doubt in my mind,
a girl like you are of the sweetest kind.
Thy love is eternal and therefore blind,
a part of you that'll always shine.

Your flaw is that you're shy,
oh, wishing star don't ask "why".
Because when you take it high,
you just go, you just fly.

There's no limit, baby, there's no sky,
only sparkling grace you can't deny.
You may fall but you got to try,
for that I'll give you a high-five.

I'll be there to catch a cry, and reply,
thou are a beautiful star in my eye.

Ji. ©

To the Big C and Back.

The weekend was spent in Stockholm - the Capital C. The main topic was a secret celebration for a young girl who's coming in to her 20's. Such a sweet friend and a beautiful heart.

We surprised her with a party and gave her gifts that brought her to tears. The tears of joy are beautiful to watch, where an individual can't tell how happy she is but instead physically express it - in the form of tears.
We stayed up very late in the night until we all had to go home and get some sleep. Unfortunately, that was not the case in "my" group.

Saturday was spent in downtown for some small shopping in a japanese district. Bought some curry and two new sticks - my very first, I might add. Met some friends while waiting for others and in the evening we came together and watched two movies I've never seen before - Kill Bill 1+2.

Sunday, the day some of us went back home. Before that we said our goodbyes to some of our friends, headed to downtown, spent some time there and my cousin had a really, really short "date" - say 15-20 minutes. She had to leave and catch her train and then he left which meant I got time to spend with the birthday girl herself. Woho! - Yes, I was actually happy about it! We had fun, walking, looking in stores, talking, eating and then played a game called Dragdoll Masters - I think - which she had on her computer. It was so fun, we laughed almost to tears and for a moment, it felt like no one was there but us. Wonderful. As always, though, reality comes knocking and we had to depart to our different trains.

It may not sound much but it was great - I am emotionally pleased with this weekend. If only the year could have started with this weekend instead of and old-fashioned cold.

Ji. ©

Jake Miller - What I Wouldn't Give

-[ We laugh, and lookin back we've come so far ]-

Starsign decides

Q: Which signs are most kinky or sexually adventurous?

A: Kinkyness and sexual drive is not in the stars but in the individual. Just like when it comes to ordinary horoscope, some things fit or comes natural while others just don't.

If we - for the arguments sake - should follow the signs, I'd vote for any sign in the element of Fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) - mostly Sagittarius. Fire signs have a zest for life, they want to live. Bedroom included. Another option is Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their magnetic attraction, mind games and passion. Followed by Pisces who will do, pretty much anything, to please. I also hear that Virgo is someone you could add in the equation.

Problem is that, a person with a specific starsign can be influenced by another sign in his/her personal horoscope. I know, advanced stuff - but - I just want to point out to you that a sign has many sides. Let's say that you met a person who is an Aquarian, for example, and he turns out to be the opposite of what you had hoped for. That doesn't mean that every person born in Aquarius have the same characteristics. Every sign have various levels on the playing field, what's making the difference is the individual.

Back to the question. Even though a sign is "known" for a special taste in the bedroom, doesn't mean that every person in that sign has that specific drive. There are some with a very high and those with very low to none at all.
Remember this! At the end of the day, signs aside, people are just people. Which means a reaction will be inevitable - whether it be emotional or not - things will happen. Both on the inside and the outside.

Ji. ©

BSB - All of Your Life

-[ Please don't change the way you are ]-

One Piece = Pull Yourself Together?


Like the majority of the world's population, I officially have my own one piece.
It's cosy, big and the color somewhat reminds me of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

What I don't really understand is the second zipper down under. It is just hanging between your legs and doing what? Taking a phone call? If its for the bathroom function, I get it, but what about the rest of the day? That thing will annoy me to pieces, but hey, I can always use the second zipper and pull myself together right over the top.

Ji. © 

Catching up!

It's been around three months since I last published something here. Things have gone up and down - among others, my birthday. I've been thinking a lot about what to actually write in these empty pages.
School is almost over for this semester, I will not do the final exam on my law course since I forgot to register for it.  The beauty of stupidity, so I will patiently sit and wait for the re-test to occur and have my shot then. While waiting, I'm hoping I will get a spot in the Rhethoric A-course in another city. That would be just lovely.

Christmas was nice, spent it with my cousin - alone, and nothing else was needed. We even did a youtube clip - hello humiliation! Had a sing-a-long, watched some gothic movies, exchanged gifts and then Doctor Who.
New Years Eve was spent home, until the stroke of midnight. Went out and found some friends and came home around 5 pm. Three days later, like everyone else, I caught a lovely kiss - he was called "a cold", Soar throat, some sneezing, no strenght, a troubled nose and I was pretty much out.

At the moment I'm feeling much better than last week and I'm going away on Friday. See some old friends in the big C - that will be just great.

Ji. ©